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  • 61 Lupus Street
    SW1V 3EY Pimlico
  • 020 3151 7046

Dye-namic Carpet & Rug Colour Restoration


More about Dye-namic Carpet & Rug Colour Restoration:

Dye-namic Carpet & Rug Restoration is an expert carpet dye company based in London, providing a wide range of carpet restoration services across the UK. Our experts will ensure that any carpet or rug you own can be restored to its former glory, no matter how damaged it is. Our range of services includes bleach spot repair, colour restoration, colour change, design dye and stain removal. We also specialise in restoring authentic Persian and Oriental rugs.


Dye-namic Carpet & Rug Colour Restoration in summary

Type of activities

  • Carpets & Rugs - Repairing